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What is success?

We all define success differently. Understanding the worldview we start from when defining our success is a foundational element of this podcast. The show really got me thinking about how I define my own success and the success of others around me.

The #1 Podcast for Successful Professionals.

Brian and Kris are phenomenal hosts. They bring an interesting perspective on many different areas. They have had some awesome guests but I personally prefer the episodes with Brian and Kris where they go deep and various interesting topics.

My kinda podcast…

I don’t follow many podcasts, so the ones I do, I do so intentionally. What I appreciate about these two fellas is that they ask in-depth, piercing questions and feature guests with unorthodox views and insights. I always challenge myself to challenge my beliefs and one of the best ways to do that is to learn things from unlikely sources. The guest on the Perseverance episode is a great example of this. Looking forward to more!

I loved being a guest …

… because both Kris and Brian are not only fantastic hosts but very much dedicated to extracting all they can for their listeners. This was a smooth experience and simply a well coordinated podcast. After listening to other episodes, I’m confident Success Fundamentals is going to have a long runway. -Rich Cardona

Great podcast with actionable tips & thoughtful insight!

I really enjoy the thought-provoking discussions of this podcast. Great for anyone looking to improve, grow & lead!


This show increasingly gets more interesting and complex. The guests keep getting better, too. Thank you Brian and Kris

Success fundamentals

Love the topics, I learn something every time !

Amazing Podcast

Great Guests, topics on self improvement and how guests became successful. Very captivating.

Very Insightful

I love how the hosts talk about the fundamentals of success. I don’t think it’s a show that does that. I also like how the shows are more conversational now. It’s like I’m listening into a meeting that I’m not suppose to be in lol


I LOVE this podcast. I was looking for a show that delved into what it takes to be successful, but more so on what the basics were. I’m glad the hosts talk about the fundamentals because you always need a base to start from. Sharing with all my friends. Thanks Kris and Brian.

Love it

Absolutely amazing interview

Just Amazing!

I started listening to this podcast and I couldn’t stop. I started going back and binge listening, truly inspiring.

Fantastic and Life Changing

This podcast doesn't shy away from saying what needs to be said. These stories need to be heard and this is the perfect format for it. Thanks Brian Goldsack, Kris Sykes.

Great podcast

Always bringing some deep truth for us to digest and some of the best guest out there.

LOVE this podcast

Keeps it real but isnt condescending. Love each episode!

Amazing Podcast

The show is amazing. Most of the stories almost seem unreal for how intense they get. Which is a miracle the person was able to write it down and pass the knowledge down or be there to discuss it. It can be hard not to get chocked up hearing these stories. Look forward to them every week. The guidance is Life Changing.

Needs no introduction

This is an excellent, top-quality podcast. Listen to all of them!!