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April 2, 2022

How To Become Elite with Robert Badstein

How To Become Elite with Robert Badstein

In this episode of the Success Fundamentals, Kris and Brian talk to fitness coach and Head of Adult Fitness at Adult Fitness, Robert Badstein. For the first time since the podcast started, Kris and Brian bring in a fitness expert to discuss achieving success from a body standpoint. Robert talks about the importance of mindset, focus, and obsession to push yourself harder and harder. Most people can get fit within a year, but if you want to achieve elite status, you’re gonna need to bring everything into the table, no holds barred.


  • Finishing the last 20% is harder than getting to the first 80% 
  • You require obsession to achieve elite status 
  • Your path to success will differ based on your goals 
  • Aim for a healthy body, mind, and spirit
  • Think of the journey, not just the end goal
  • Strength comes from stress 
  • It's all about training 
  • Celebrate all your victories


Robert: It's difficult at first. I think sometimes, you need to go off track to get back on track, if that makes sense." 

Robert: "You just gotta appreciate the positive more than the negatives of whatever you're trying to be elite at. If you're trying to be an elite football player, if you love football that much, I don't think you're gonna care about the things you got to give up." 

Kris: "The illusion of being elite, the illusion of being great is, when you think of that, you think of the end goal. People tend to emulate the end result, not the journey." 

Robert: "It's all training. You're training your mind, you're training your spirit, you're training your body. I started to think about coordination, like people sometimes come in and say oh I'm not very coordinated. And it's like, you never put in the time to build that coordination. You never made the connections in your brain to help your body do what you want it to do. Whenever you're learning a new skill, you're just making new connections in your brain." 

Robert: “Somebody comes in, they don't have to be older, then can be younger and in pain they're not able to do stuff they used to be able to do and then they break through that barrier. And now they can do something simple like walk around the grocery store and not be out of breath or something like that. Those are really huge wins, those are life-changing wins."

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