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July 21, 2021

Focus On Your Strengths with Pedro Lichtinger

Focus On Your Strengths with Pedro Lichtinger

Kris and Brian welcome Pedro Lichtinger in this episode of the Success Fundamentals Podcast. Let’s hear from Pedro as he shares his drive in continuing to grow his education all throughout his career and being able to not just grow his business, but at the same time help people.

In more than thirty years as a CEO and senior leader in the pharmaceutical industry, Pedro Lichtinger has dealt with the risk, cost, and time associated with researching and developing new medicines. Seeing Starton’s proprietary transdermal technology, Pedro recognized the opportunity to transform standard-of-care therapies and transform the management of hematological cancer into that of chronic disease. 

As the CEO and Chairman at Starton, Pedro leads a team of some of the brightest and most experienced minds in clinical development and hematology/oncology, who have joined the Board, raised their hands, and committed their experience to change the fate of people struggling with the impact of their disease. 

You can learn more and connect with Pedro Lichtinger on the links below.

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