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July 8, 2021

Learn And Grow with James Schrader (Dr. Squatch)

Learn And Grow with James Schrader (Dr. Squatch)

In this episode of the Success Fundamentals Podcast, Kris and Brian welcomes James Schrader a.k.a Dr. Squatch, to the show. Let’s hear from James as he shares his definition of success and how putting one foot in front of the other towards the direction you want to go will definitely get you somewhere.

James Schrader is the Founder of Six Knot Entertainment, a team of comedians, writers, musicians and all around creatives that produce content as well as help startups, companies, and artists engage and entertain their audience. James is also the Face of Dr. Squatch Soap Co. that raises the bar on personal care with handmade bar soaps and high-quality natural products.  

As a talented writer and actor, James won the No. 1 spot on YouTube’s 2020 “TrueView for Action” Advertising Leaderboard and 2017 San Diego Funniest Person. He’s also a regular performer at The La Jolla Comedy Store, The Mad House Comedy Club, and The Comedy Palace. 

You can learn more and connect with James Schrader on the link below.

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