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Nov. 20, 2021

Build Your Present On The Foundations Of The Future with Christopher Decker

Build Your Present On The Foundations Of The Future with Christopher Decker

This episode of Success Fundamentals features Chris Decker, Co-Founder and CEO of Salescast. Growing up poor in a meth dealer's house was not the childhood Chris wanted. He shares anecdotes of his life back then and how, in hindsight, these hardships helped him become resilient and entrepreneurial.

Chris speaks about his spiritual shifts, from living in envy and greed, to dedicating his life to God and His kingdom. He shares how God creates alignment so that he can focus on what's really important and create a true impact in the world.

He recalls the life-changing moment he met his co-founder Collin. Together, their goal is to connect 100 million people, through podcasting, to their own truths. He also shares his views on money, where the steward who has it holds the potential for massive good, and encourages others to start creating their own story too.


02:26 Growing up in a meth dealer's home and replicating a mentor's success 

08:06 Learning survival skills early became a competitive advantage 

18:10 Out-earning your parents: A motivation to seek approval or give back

22:21 God creates alignment and doing your part in His plan

27:41 Make boatloads of money, keep priorities straight, and grow God’s kingdom

38:37 Money is to be shared, power is the influence to do the right thing

40:48 Meeting Collin and the goal to connect 100M people to their truth

44:03 Start creating to stop living in jealousy and envy

49:22 Visualize success, take the risk, and do what you need to do to achieve it

50:59 Connect with Chris and Salescast


11:00 "Building that mental toughness and resilience, because I had such a tough story, I actually started to see it as a competitive advantage. I was more unique than... other people around me."

23:46 "Mathematically, it makes no sense, but there's a greater power at work. And so kind of understanding that and sort of playing in the flow of that power I find creates more alignment in my life."

24:57 "I 100% believe that, if I'm living by the spirit, the next best decision will come... And so I've developed this extraordinary tolerance for risk driven by faith. And I'm not even joking."

29:02 "What I want to do with wealth right now, what I want to do is make boatloads of cash for the kingdom of God to help people around the world. Boatloads and boatloads and boatloads of money."

31:32 "If you're an entrepreneur, if you believe in God, then God's calling on your life is for you to make a lot of money. If he's really placed you in the marketplace, so go make the money but make sure you have the moral compass installed."

46:31 "You are a creator because you were created. It's really, really simple. It's a simple philosophy. Start creating and then start planting. You can't harvest anything unless you plant something. You got to put the seed in the ground and you got to start watering it."

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