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Nov. 4, 2021

Curiosity Doesn't Kill the Cat with Michael Fauscette

Curiosity Doesn't Kill the Cat with Michael Fauscette

This episode of the Success Fundamentals Podcast features Michael Fauscette, CEO & Chief Analyst of Arion Research and Advisor to G2 and Entercom.io. A career in tech is not dependent on your educational background.

Michael's story of success found him in many different fields trying many things out before he found his way to tech. His background in music lent a different way of learning but his natural curiosity is what drove him forward.

After a decade of experience in engineering and software while in the Navy, Michael adapted post-Navy to a life in tech. He shares that you define your success and passion is the only reason you should be doing it.

He shares his thoughts on money as a tool and power as best wielded by servant leaders. Finally, Michael shares his current initiatives like an upcoming book and his role in Arion Research.


02:00 A liberal arts degree and joining the Navy were an indirect path to tech

14:23 Leading tech startups and heading research at G2

20:01 The perfection of AI: Routine automation and decision support

28:37 Measure success by your level of passion into it, not against other's success

35:23 A career in tech does not rely on a tech background

40:05 Curiosity, acceptance of change and adaptability are traits for success

46:03 Money allows comfort but you determine the level that says you made it

48:46 Power from servant leaders and coaching

50:58 Connect with Michael

52:53 The Faceless Economy: Stories about making your business operations work 


30:39  "The money comes in tech and it's fun, but I don't do everything to go, that's because that's going to make a lot of money. I do that because I feel like I'm excited about it... And honestly, if I get into a situation where it's just not fun anymore, then I start looking for something else."

33:49 "I've done four VC-backed startups. In a startup, one of the things you learn very quickly is to fail fast and to get up and try and try and change... You're trying to do something nobody else has done, or at least they've not done it the way you're trying to do it."

38:29 "It's about doing and learning by getting your hands in more than it is about education. Doesn't mean education is bad... You can find a path that leads you to how you define success in a tech world. And you can do that by apprenticing, by taking classes, by doing online learning."

42:21 "If you're a curious person who is willing to take action on the curiosity to learn,, that's a good start for a foundation. I think there's some other things in that I think you have to be able to put some structure around what you want to accomplish and define what that success is."

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