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Oct. 28, 2021

Persevering Through Adversity with Desmond Clark

Persevering Through Adversity with Desmond Clark

This episode of the Success Fundamentals Podcast features Desmond Clark, former NFL athlete, speaker, author, and coach at Dez Clark Speaks. Playing professionally in the NFL has instilled many qualities in Desmond that are wholly applicable in careers outside of football.

Desmond believes in the power of self-motivation to have the capacity to execute consistently on a daily basis. In his experience, most things are actually out of your control but how you present yourself to your team is 100% under your control.

He coaches others on personal mastery and speaks on how to get over the fear mindset. By staring down fear and working with another person who can point out both your strengths and weaknesses, you can gain mastery over yourself and achieve the greatest heights of success.

Desmond also shares his definitions of success. From his objective goals of achieving 30 speaking engagements, 30 new clients, and 100 members in his group coaching course, to more abstract definitions like winning the day with faith, family, fitness, finances, and fun.


01:45 Desmond's passion for football becomes a path for success

06:32 NFL athletes: Athletic prowess and mindset to execute consistently

13:20 Self-motivation and presenting the best you, and personal mastery

20:38 Being honest with yourself on discipline and priorities

25:37 Coaching others to have personal mastery over fear

32:12 Money is a tool for you to do what you want to do

34:53 Power is steeped in leadership and trust to influence others

43:12 Defining success as 30-30-100 and winning the day

52:59 Desmond's current engagements and how to connect with him


07:17 "I think the people who actually make it... have two things in common, and that is the athletic ability... But here's the thing, there's people that have more athletic ability and more athletic prowess that some of the guys that make it. But the second thing that connects all of us is the mindset."

14:47 "Self-motivation. The greatest thing that you can offer to the team is the best version of you. And that's the only thing you need to focus on. How do you do that? How do you create that best version of you? Is every single day having something that you're focused on that you're trying to get better at."

15:56 "There was a lot of things you can't control. But what you can control is presenting your best self every day. And if you do that, you put yourself in the best possible position to make it and to continue, not just in the NFL."

27:21 "What does someone look like who has has personal mastery? I think that person isn't afraid to stare down their fears, stare down their apprehensions, stare down things. They're not afraid to challenge themselves with limiting beliefs."

44:07 "My goal is to have thirty paid speaking engagements, thirty new financial clients, and a hundred people in my group coaching course by July 31st. That's one way that I would want success over the next year."

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