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Oct. 13, 2021

Realizing Your Impact with Kenneth Ebie

Realizing Your Impact with Kenneth Ebie

This episode of the Success Fundamentals Podcast features Kenneth Ebie, Executive Director and Chief Development Officer of Black Entrepreneurs NYC and Founder/Principal of Ebie Strategies. Building culture capital is the way for the black community to rise above traditional walls that have obstructed progress in the past.

Kenneth is passionate about empowering the black community with this capital, as well as relational capital, to establish connections, deliver resources, and create wealth where there was none before.

He shares that every single person has the power to change their own corners of the world. He challenges the audience to reflect on the fact that what you do and do not do has an impact on the world around you.

He shares how his own experiences with wealth and diversity have revealed that there is much that the world can offer. His mission is to tap into the richness of these resources and deliver them to his community to ultimately close the wealth gap that has long since been the status quo.


01:19 Kenneth's roots in Cameroon and his passion for entrepreneurship

06:06 Culture capital: Creating connections that set your own direction

08:44 Establishing a network of black entrepreneurs with information, referrals, resources, mentors, and sponsors

12:30 Kenneth learned how to build relational capital from his parents

17:32 Use your power and realize your impact on your society

21:05 3 questions to ask yourself everyday so you're on track with your purpose

26:42 Successful entrepreneurs: Curious, persistent, and generous 

30:49 Harvard and Yale: Learning the diversity of experience and perspectives

35:59 Wealth: A universal culture of consumption and advancing societal progress

40:28 The less time spent to create positive impact, the more successful you are

43:53 Money creates opportunities and enables your passions

47:32 Advice to entrepreneurs: Invest in yourself 

49:39 Black Entrepreneurs NYC: Rolling out financial consultations and legal services

53:18 Connect with Kenneth and BENYC


06:06 "Cultural capital... it is an ability to be able to use those understandings to access opportunities that you may not be aware of. Otherwise, to get information, to gather resources, to get connections to people and places that can help you along the way to accelerate your trajectory." 

13:47 "It's about going beyond those traditional walls and understanding where you are, your context, and being able to take advantage of all of the things and the opportunities that are presented to you. So stretching beyond where you've started."

21:05 "I have asked myself three basic questions pretty much every day to make sure I'm on track with my own sense of purpose. And those questions are, one, if not me, who? Two, if not now, when? And three, if not together, how?"

37:47 "There's a notion of wealth that is transmitted in your community... you can have experience, you can have capital, but a focus on a community that does go beyond just accumulating things to actually accumulating and advancing progress for lives of people around you."

42:37 "There is a ratio of the time that you spend at work or in your life to the extent of your positive impact on the lives of other people... I think the lower that ratio, time spent to positive impact, the more successful your career, your life has been."

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