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Oct. 6, 2021

The Essence of Appreciation with Emily Buckley

The Essence of Appreciation with Emily Buckley

This episode of the Success Fundamentals Podcast features Emily Buckley, Chief Operating Officer of The Cliffs Climbing + Fitness. Being a lifelong athlete has taught Emily the value of hard work. In her experience, there is nothing quite like setting a goal, doing the hard work, and achieving the success that she had envisioned.

This translated in her career as a collegiate athlete and is now being manifested in her life as an entrepreneur. Emily reflects on her past successes, including being recognized as a visionary in the health and wellness space, and on her dreams for her future self and the industry she is in.

Emily shares her own thoughts on opportunity and how ideas can pop up on future endeavors during the most mundane day-to-day activities. She also advises others that the road to success includes networking, treating people with respect, and always giving your best to make sure you stand out.


03:40 Being recognized in the Top 100 Visionaries in Health and Wellness 2021

05:07 The future of fitness is digital but can't compare to the community of in-person fitness 

08:38 Emily's drive for hard work and seeing the success that comes from it

14:33 Always strive for greater success but also appreciate the successes already won

22:02 Happiness is achieving success, financial freedom, and work-life balance

25:52 Seeing opportunities in day-to-day activities and their potential as a business

29:25 Make more money than you spend, and power as a tool for inspiration

33:15 Career advice: Networking is critical, treat others with respect, and work hard

34:33 Connect with Emily


07:11 "Unless you'd go to the gym and put your headphones in and don't talk to anyone, but a lot of fitness it's like community-oriented and using other people and the relationships that you have with other people in order to drive your further successes."

08:42 "There's something in me that makes me just want to try my best at everything that I do and I think that's a blessing and a curse... But I just really enjoy the process of working hard towards something and seeing it come to fruition."

10:54 "I think that the ability to be able to pivot is a non-negotiable if you want to be successful. You just have to be able to look at a situation and say, okay, either I'm happy with this, but what else can be done with this? Or I'm unhappy with this, I need to change course."

23:37 "The goal of everything right now is so that, later on in life, I can sit back and allow those revenue streams to just continue to grow and not have to trade so much of my time for them."

33:59 "If we're thinking about school projects, I would be the kid that went over the top and delivered something way more than a third grader should deliver on a science project."

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