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Sept. 23, 2021

Finding Alignment & Purpose with Michael Zaytsev

Finding Alignment & Purpose with Michael Zaytsev

This episode of the Success Fundamentals Podcast features Michael Zaytsev, Author of The Cannabis Business Book and Host of his own podcast, The Cannabis Business Coach. The recent gains in cannabis legalization have ushered in a brand new industry in the US. This has produced a highly competitive market with a dizzying array of products.

Mike shares that his passion for coaching and cannabis come together to give entrepreneurs, and basically anyone looking to work with cannabis, the right information to get started and be successful.

He also shares that, much more than just partaking in a billion dollar industry, cannabis work is an advocacy that looks to dismantle institutional bias, discrimation against groups of people, and promote healing and wellness to people who can benefit from it the most.


01:35 The worlds of cannabis and coaching converge for Mike 

07:29 Tremendous cannabis growth and fighting against institutional bias

11:48 Cannabis was criminalized to institutionalize discrimination against others

21:01 Helping others find alignment and purpose is the definition of success 

25:58 The cannabis industry is highly technical but there is little barrier to entry

30:24 The most common cannabis misconceptions

33:31 The passion for coaching and coming from a place of gratitude 

39:44 The Cannabis Business Book and others models for success to succeed

43:21 Money is fascinating, and you have more personal power than you think

53:01 Connect with Mike


09:40 "Imagine running a coffee business and if you make coffee, sell coffee, process coffee, you have to pay double for everything and get taxed way higher. It's ludicrous but cannabis businesses have all of institutional bias against them still."

14:32 "Richard Nixon... his chief policy advisor said, why did we criminalize marijuana? Because it was a way for us to police and disrupt black communities, activist communities, our communities, etc."

16:23 "To really build this industry the right way and to make it a successful industry... it's a necessary part of your business model to do some form of reparative justice, community reinvestment, regenerative type commerce that's true with the spirit of the cannabis plant."

38:11 "If you can come from a place of gratitude or joy, you're likely to have, I'm likely to have, more energy to feel more on top of things, to go through obstacles, et cetera. So I think gratitude is always a great foundation for anything."

40:01 "There's models for success. And so I believe, if you know what success means for you, then you can find a model of someone who's achieved success. And then it's really about practicing the craft and trying to achieve mastery."

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