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Sept. 8, 2021

How To Become The Best with Garrett Sutton

How To Become The Best with Garrett Sutton

This episode of the Success Fundamentals Podcast features Garrett Sutton, attorney, best-selling author of 10 books, one of Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad advisors, and founder of Corporate Direct.

Becoming a sought-after authority in your profession requires honesty, integrity, and expertise. Garrett also shares that, in his experience, doing something you personally enjoy greatly helps in increasing your skills because work doesn't actually feel like work.

Garrett realized early on that writing a book is the best calling card you can make for yourself. For new lawyers, he suggests getting familiar with the practice of law for a few years then writing a book after to distinguish yourself from the competition.


01:53 Corporate law: Garrett's early exposure and keen interest

05:46 Becoming the best: It's not work if you enjoy it

08:07 Picking the right entity that best protects you 

10:17 Lawyers and entrepreneurship: Pick the niche you enjoy

13:39 For new lawyers: Practice a few years and consider writing a book

18:11 Money is a derivative of good service 

19:43 Satisfactions is success and telling the truth is good business

22:47 Garrett's books: What you can learn and future books in the works

25:04 Connect with Garrett


04:47 "It's still true to this day that if you don't use these simple, legal strategies of setting up a corporation or an LLC, you can lose everything."

11:46 "Understand that there's a wide variety of things you can do within the law. You can help improve the environment. You can help people who are indigent. There are plenty of things you can but just make sure you get into something that you're going to enjoy."

14:40 "If you're a new lawyer, you spend a couple of years getting grounded, decide what you like and what you're going to do and then consider writing a book about that topic, because that is the best business card there is."

18:16 "For me, if you provide a good service, if you care about your clients, the money will come. So we don't think about money at the start. We know that money is the derivative of good service."

21:17 "If you are always honest and telling the truth, first of all, people will appreciate your integrity. Second of all, you don't have to worry about what you ever said. You don't have to think about God, what did I say? Did I say this or that?"

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