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Sept. 1, 2021

Create Value In Every Direction with Victoria Pelletier

Create Value In Every Direction with Victoria Pelletier

This episode of the Success Fundamentals Podcast features Victoria Pelletier, leadership speaker, contributing author to the number one best-seller Unstoppable, and recently-appointed Managing Director of Global CEO Transformation at Accenture.

Victoria shares her inspiring journey from being born into a less-than-ideal family life and blossoming into her authentic self with her adoptive family. She discusses what motivates her and how personal choice is one of the most powerful things we have in creating the life we want.

As she matured and as the achievements began to pile up, she discovered that her relationship with success, money, and power had begun to shift. It used to be about the trappings of success, but now it is about the real impact and value that she is able to deliver to the people around her.


02:11 Living an Unstoppable life, one that's different from circumstances born into

04:42 #NoExcuses and choosing the life you live 

11:09 Setting goals and measuring success by the impact it creates in others

15:59 Sacrificing time and having extreme discipline to achieve goals

18:26 An evolving view on money and utilizing the power of your voice 

24:34 Defining success according to your values

29:42 A healthy life connects the mind, body, and spirit

32:46 Advice to others: Develop your skills and your personal brand

34:38 Connect with Victoria 


04:59 "I believe it is about choice, how you choose to react or respond to the circumstances that arise. That doesn't mean that there aren't tears shed and deep emotions felt, but how you choose to move from there is a choice."

13:51 "I'm not going to have on my tombstone the revenue and profit that I bought for the organizations that I've worked for. I want it to be about the impact that I will have on those people that I touch, those constituents that I serve."

17:40 "Where there is conviction, there's capacity. So again, I don't want to hear excuses that you can't do it. Even for those who want to have a side hustle or a passion project, there's the 9 to 5 that pays your bills, but then there's the 5 to 9."

18:34 "Money doesn't buy happiness but it makes one hell of a down payment."

23:27 "I want us to all feel comfortable in leaning into the power that we have and that power often times it is our voice."

34:02 "Relationships matter. So the networking and who you choose to build authentic relationships with and doing it from a place of care and without an expectation for immediate reciprocity. Again, it will come. Karma."

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