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Aug. 11, 2021

Reflections with Kris Sykes and Brian Goldsack

Reflections with Kris Sykes and Brian Goldsack

This episode of the Success Fundamentals Podcast features reflections from your hosts, Brian Goldsack and Kristopher Sykes. They give a shout out to their international followers, especially the listeners from Zambia and Mexico. Brian and Kris share the profound impact this news has on them and reflect on what it truly means to be happy.

Some people search for happiness in material things while others find happiness in the here and now. However, materialism doesn't always have to be vilified. Material things represent hard work and the success that comes after it.

But, on the flip side, even the greatest human wealth becomes insignificant with the passage of time. Brian and Kris ruminate on the intersections of fame and power and how the desire for these is more common than many people would like to admit.


02:00 Success Fundamentals shouts out to international audiences

08:41 Identifying the source of happiness 

12:54 Materialism does not always mean a negative thing 

16:44 Serving well is at the heart of success

22:11 The insignificance of human successes in the grander scheme of things

28:43 What does power mean to you?


08:05 "The more and more that we travel, the more wisdom we attain or acquire. How we view the world is changed forever because now you're exposed to something. So just going to see how people live, you get an appreciation of the ingenuity of people.”

10:41 "You think the Scandinavian countries got it all figured out. But if they're still depressed then what are we trying to figure out exactly? If progress still results in depression, then what are we progressing towards?"

13:20 "Although they like material things, they don't view material things as the source of the happiness. They just kind of like one of the nice perks. But it is not the source of happiness. It's a by-product." 

25:09 "If our goal is to be like the most kickass dude, richest dude in the year 2046, even if you achieve it and the year 3160, you're just going to be like that Persian king."

30:09 "When asked, if you had the choice between being powerful or not being powerful? So when they rephrased the question, which one would you prefer? People are like, well I prefer to be powerful."

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