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Aug. 4, 2021

Building A Loyal Community with Alpesh Patel

Building A Loyal Community with Alpesh Patel

This episode of the Success Fundamentals Podcast features Alpesh Patel, a self-made entrepreneur, and owner of the Al's Quick Stop chain of stores. When Al arrived in the US in 1998, he didn't speak English and had zero money in his pocket.

His mindset of doing what you love allowed him to work his way to success and show up with a genuine desire to help his community. Al shares that customer service, when delivered authentically and personally, is the key to success.

The respect he shows to each of his customers is his way of fostering a healthy community while guaranteeing repeat business too. He has since extended his goodwill projects by creating apartments and community centers.


06:15 The first years: Moving states and starting a gas station business

08:44 Enjoying work and making the distinction between what you need and want

09:34 Success follows when you do what makes you happy

14:57 Empower employees by making them business partners 

18:44 Running a successful store requires genuine customer service and cleanliness

21:00 Giving back to the community is at the heart of Al's business philosophy

26:13 Business tip: If there's something you can't do, partner with someone who can

31:38 Connect with Al and visit his stores


08:19 "I go to the store and I enjoy. I never work, I never work. Everybody say that I work but I never work in life. I enjoy everyday. Go do the work."

09:50 "What you need and what you want. Two different things. What I need to survive, my family. What I want is a different story." 

11:28 "If you like to cleaning the floor, if you like to do cleaning the car, if you like to do anything, cutting the grass and you good at it and you enjoy every minute you do it, that's when you get success." 

19:46 "Everybody who comes through that door, that person keep you rich, make you rich. Doesn't matter he spend 50 cents, but those person, respect every one of them who come to the store. Keep it clean."

29:05 "Everything starts from home, no matter what. Be a good father, be a good husband, be a good wife, whatever it is. Everything has to start from you. Don't ask them from other. You have to change yourself first."

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