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Oct. 2, 2021

Is Money Worth It?

Is Money Worth It?

“Is money worth it?” Did you ever think this thought? What conclusion did you come to? Is acquiring money an endeavor worth your time and effort? Some sacrifice so much for it and seem miserable. On the other hand, you will see people that bask in prosperity while living joyful lives. Perhaps you would pursue it if you could be assured to be joyful. Maybe we can define that state as “joyful prosperity.” How do you achieve joyful prosperity?

If we find people that have achieved this state we can learn from them.

When you speak to them you find that they are all different. They are people of various backgrounds with little similarity. Joyful prosperity can be achieved by a variety of people from all walks of life. This state is not only achievable by a particular “type” of person. Joyful prosperity can be achieved by nearly anyone of sound mind and body. Many people of unsound mind and body have achieved this state as well.

Is there a universal definition of success?

Being able to sustain your desired lifestyle by performing work that you enjoy.

An oversimplification?

Many concepts that appear to be complicated are often quite simple. Defining success is important yet the value rests beyond the definition and resides in the practice. What are the attributes of the successful? How do you emulate the successful? Where did they learn to be successful? These questions are daunting and require effort. Success requires effort.

Your life is yours. It is important that you are able to feel a sense of satisfaction throughout your life. Paint a picture of that life in your mind and carry it with you. Create a strategy on how to achieve it. Have the audacity to give it a shot.



Picture thanks to: John Brosio https://johnbrosio.com/